GPS Antenna

GPS antennas are designed receive signal and GPS satellite signal is divided into L1 and L2. BJTEK provide design services for integrated single(L1) and dual-band(L1+L2). Navigation satellites transmit right-hand circular polarized signals, which will need to consider on the receiver antenna design and the assembly location of the antenna is also very important. Early GPS handsets mostly used flipped antennas. At this time, the antenna is basically isolated from the inside of the whole device, and EMI hardly affects it. With the trend of miniaturization, GPS antennas are mostly built-in. Today, the antenna must be above all metal components, and the inside of the shell must be electroplated and well grounded, away from EMI interference sources, such as CPU, SDRAM, SD card, crystal oscillator, and DC/DC. BJTEK, as a professional GPS antenna manufacturer and supplier, all of our external GPS antenna, whip GPS antenna, internal GPS antenna, and internal GPS patch antenna through meticulous produced is full of high sensitivity. Global positioning system antennas of BJTEK are quite compatible with almost every GPS receiver model available on the market and provide a perfect alternative for a vast range of GPS applications in the fields of AVL, vehicle navigation, aviation and military. For more details, please contact us.
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