GPS Receiver

GPS/GNSS Receiver is a L-band radio processor that can solve the navigation equations to determine the user position, velocity, and precise time, by processing the signal broadcasted by GPS/GNSS satellites. GPGNSS stands for Global Positioning System by which anyone can always obtain the position and time information anywhere in the world. Any navigation solution that provides by a GNSS receiver is based on the computation of its distance to a set of satellites. Satellites are always in motion, so first to obtaining the navigation message, the satellite’s signal is detected and tracked. The receiver’s functional blocks that perform these tasks are the antenna, the front-end and the baseband signal processing. As an experienced GPS/GNSS receiver manufacturer, BJTEK insists and focus on what customers' need and providing high quality, good performance GPS/GNSS receiver to the world. BJTEK's GPS/GNSS receivers are used for cars, marine and other related industries. BJTEK GPS/GNSS receivers manufacturer sells GPS/GNSS receiver, car GPS receiver to countries such as Japan, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Arab, India, Netherland, Portugal, France and Turkey. Good reputation obtained from the world. For more information about BJTEK's GPS/GNSS receiver related products please feel free to contact us. BJTEK is always glad to help you.
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